A neat little catalog of the failure that has been my trying-to-conceive journey, in list form.

Sometime in elementary school, circa 1995 - Met Bobby (8ish years old)

February  2003 - Started dating Bobby (16 years old)

August 2010 - Married Bobby, actively trying NOT to conceive (22 years old)

April 2012 - Birth control prescription expired, used condoms

August 2012 - Ditched the condoms, actively trying to conceive (24 years old)

November 2012 - Already-irregular period disappears entirely. I visit my GP for a semi-preconception appointment. I tell her my cycle has been whacked out since stopping birth control, and since it took my mom 14 years to conceive, I wanted to make sure nothing was wrong with me. Within the last two years I had overcome vaginisimus, and I was worried the same underlying issue would make me infertile. GP told me they won't do anything until we've been trying for a year. She assures me I'm young and healthy. I'll be pregnant by my next annual physical.

January 2013 - No period since early November, I go see an acupuncturist.

February 2013 - Still no period, quit acupuncturist because it was too expensive and did nothing (25 years old - goes through a crazy quarter-life crisis)

March 2013 - First period in 150 days

August 2013 - Periods start to become more regular (25-40 days)

October 2013 - Go to Urgent Care for horrible stomach pain. Physician's Assistant tells me I'm miscarrying.

January 2014 - Annual physical with GP (a little late). First words to me when she walks in the door: "Still not pregnant, huh?" Tells me that since my periods are just starting to regulate, perhaps we should keep trying timed intercourse for a few more months. She doesn't run any infertility testing and won't prescribe Clomid or Femara because she's worried about multiples. My only option is for her to refer me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to see an RE. She also later informs me (by message board) that my "miscarriage" was misdiagnosed. It was really just an "ovarian incident," perhaps a cyst or a uterine fibroid.

February 2014 - 26th birthday. Tears, disappointment, frustration. I'm still young, shouldn't I be fertile? Why isn't this working!? But I'm also getting older. Every year I don't conceive, I'm inching even closer to the likelihood of even more fertility problems.

May 2014 - Begin using OPKs. Get positive ovulation on CD24.

June 2014 - Self-diagnosed LPD. Started taking 800mg Vitex, and 400mg B6.

August 2014 - Positive home pregnancy test

September 2014 - See baby and heartbeat, 7 weeks

October 2014 - Brown spotting at 12 weeks, turns out to be nothing

December 2014 - 20-week anatomy scan, everything looks good

February 2015 - My birthday (27 years old, 29 weeks pregnant)

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  1. Yay timeline! Can you tell I'm an anal-retentive list maker?