Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2 Week Wait

Today was supposed to be my 40 week appointment. Instead it was changed to my 2 week incision check and J's 2 week well baby check up. It's crazy, since I was pretty sure I'd still be pregnant at 40 weeks, 1 day. Bobby's work had a pool guessing gender, weight, height, and birthdate. I laughed at anyone who had me going early. I told Bobby to guess April 24. Even that seemed ambitious. J was born April 8. I cannot believe I have had a baby for 2 weeks - or really that I have a baby at all. This was the fastest 2 week wait ever!
I'm working on a post about post partum necessities and things I've learned (and wished someone would have told me before), but it takes awhile to get things typed up since I'm now blogging almost exclusively from my phone during overnight feedings. Not the easiest way to get things written.
My incision is apparently healing amazingly well according to the PA I saw. I finally got up the courage to look at it when I got home and it does look pretty good. Just like a purple line drawn with a pencil. The stretch marks and little pooch above it are another story. However I'm only 7 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, so I'm not too upset. Except my official pre-pregnancy weight was about 10-20 pounds higher than my ideal weight, so I still have quite a bit of work to do.
My appointment was at 3, and Baby J's was as at 3:30, so the plan was for Bobby to get J's insurance info and registration figured out during my appointment, and I would be done in plenty of time to see Dr G with them. Except they got called back early, so by the time I was done, a nurse had to go find them and bring me to their room. She warned me that "He's had an eventful day."
I didn't know what that meant, but I walked in to see a frazzled looking Bobby holding a diapered J with a burp cloth over his belly, the contents of our diaper bag scattered on the floor.
Before I go on, I have to explain that J is such a good baby. He rarely cries or fusses, even when he's being passed around. And he's never spit up before.
However, apparently he'd vomited for the first time just seconds before he got called back for his appointment. And then again while Bobby was cleaning him up. As Bobby was undressing him, J's umbilical cord stump fell off and bled. Then he projectile pooped while being weighed (naked, of course). As Bobby and the nurse cleaned him up, he then peed all over both of them and his clothes. And vomited once more on Bobby, just for good measure.
I missed all of this while I was at my incision check. Poor Bobby felt like he was in a Hugh Grant movie, except he was much less charmingly befuddled.
J has had some issues already - he had to have a tongue tie clipped at 6 days, as he had lost 12% of his birth rate early on. It didn't help that my milk didn't come in for a full five days either. He also failed the hearing test in his right ear several times, so we have and audiologist appointment next month. Today Dr G also found an issue with his circumcision, so had to fix that (so painful looking, poor baby screamed so much!), and he has a bit of skin irritation around his neck that we have to have rechecked later this week.
Sometimes it feels like we can't catch a break, but I know that all in all we're really lucky. There are so many babies sicker and with much bigger problems than ours. We are so grateful for our little boy and how healthy and happy he is.
At least when he's not painting the doctor's office with his body fluids.


  1. I know what you mean...I can't believe how the time is flying! Q is already starting to push the limits of some of the sleepers that were baggy on him in the hospital. I've had projectile poop but not vomit...yet. Poor Bobby!!

  2. Oh wow poor Bobby. It sounds like your appointment was perfect timing!!

  3. OMG, laughing at this...as I guess that's all you can do! Bobby just went from parenting 101 to grad level courses....

  4. Oh, poor Bobby and Baby J! I'm sorry at how hard I was laughing while reading about his eventful day! I'm sure it was pretty comical and stressful all at the same time. I'm sorry he's had some early issues, but you have such a great outlook about it all. I remember all Rylee's issues early on, and how it felt like we would never be out of that stage, but it really is amazing how quickly time passes and things seem to work themselves out.


  5. Holy projectile fluids! I have definitely been peed on, pooped on, an projectile vomited on (exorcist style) multiple times now but never all in one sitting. Poor Bobby!

    Glad to hear things were going pretty well when you wrote this. Hope you're still good.
    I don't know if things were as difficult for you as they felt for me during the first few weeks but I had a moment today where I fekt like: "yeah, I'm starting to get the hang of this now." Hope you are too!

  6. Oh you're back on the grid, exciting! I hope things are good and baby J is healthy and growing growing. How is life with a 4+ month old treating you? I must say, I'm enjoying it more and more.