Thursday, November 14, 2013

Here it Goes

I've been blogging since I was in high school. I love blogs--the journal, the simplicity, and most importantly the community. So while I've run many blogs over the last 10 years, I'm starting this one new. Why? A few reasons:1. My husband and I are struggling to get pregnant (more on that story to come).
2. I'm a writer--it's my full-time job, it was my major in college, and it's my hobby. I write as a way to process and a way to vent. It's natural to me.
3. I want to start a blog where I can do those things mentioned above. So far, I have been silent on this infertility struggle, and I need a place to talk about it.
4. Thus the new blog (these numbers no longer make sense--but I'm going with it!). I currently write on my own, personal blog, but I haven't shared a single thought about infertility over there. And I don't really want to start now. That blog is read by my family and friends--all of whom are unaware of my struggles. And for the moment, I want to keep it that way.

I've been reading infertility blogs for a few months now. And as much as I really, really wish I wasn't part of this community, in the same way, I want to be. I've watched you link with each other and become friends. I've watched you bare your soul, share your struggles, and receive support. All the while, I've been hiding behind my computer, wishing I could get some of that support.

So here it goes. Please support me in this journey. I've probably been creepily stalking your blog already. I know your story, your husband, your dogs. I hope you can get to know mine as well (not dog. I don't have a dog).


  1. Lilee, I am so glad you have decided to join the IF blogging community, although I am sorry for the reason that brought you to it. I look forward to cheering you on through this process.

  2. I am so glad to have found your blog, thanks to you following me! I don't have a dog either so you may just know my story :) Catching up on your blog now.