Monday, March 3, 2014


My period arrived on Friday night, just as I was heading down to the hotel pool with all the high school kids. By evening on Saturday, when we were finally through being responsible for nine boys who hadn't stopped talking for three straight days, I let my annoyance with them convince me I was glad I wasn't pregnant. At one point during the weekend, I almost called my doctor to refill my birth control. My patience with those boys was quickly wearing thin. (The PMS certainly didn't help.)

I always thought I wanted boys. Most of my close friends growing up were guys. They were laid back, drama-free, and we seemed to understand each other. Girls confused me.

But now, I love coaching girls. I have never felt the overwhelming need to just get. away. from. them. now like I did about the boys this weekend. They've always been sweet, respectful, and fun. The boys were obnoxious, loud, and annoying. I seriously questioned if I was cut out to ever be a parent.

In fact, I'm still questioning it. I know I'll never be able to handle nine teenage boys, that's for sure.

Anyone else ever question your ability (or desire?) to parent? What makes you doubt?


  1. This is too funny! Of course I think for all of us there are times we are around someone elses kids and we second how badly we want children. You have to remind yourself those are someone elses kids raised by other parents and there is no telling how they are bring raised. Or maybe it's just me that thinks that way? Although I have never had kids I do have 2 step-kids who are wonderful and I know that is because of how they were raised. It drives me crazy when I'm out in public and you see kids acting up while the parents pay no attention at all. I just think that makes a difference ya know?

  2. I agree that when you see another persons little "angel" you might question things :) I have seen some pretty bad acting kids in my life and at that exact moment I told asked myself if this is really what I wanted. Of course when you are a parent, you will love your child so much and unconditionally. Another benefit is becoming blind as a parent that your kid is annoying like others :)

  3. I blogged about this very topic after visiting my family in July and seeing how hard my sister and her husband work to take care of my niece, who is an only child but seems so VERY high maintenance. She's adorable as all get-out, but very much needs to be the center of attention. I think this just means that we have a sensible head on our shoulders and aren't going into parenthood blindly like so many people.

  4. Oh you have an exceptional group of girls then. I've had groups like that too, but there are also groups if gels that have been absolutely awful, hormonal, and FULL of drama. I'm sure it's the same with boys, some annoying and others pleasant to be around. Don't go pulling out the bc yet. Of course your own little darling will be perfect, boy or girl :)