Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Frozen Fingers and Cervical Mucous

It's EWCM day! That literally grossed me out just typing that. I'm actually not convinced about the state of my mucous--it's sort of been a liar in the past. It's only CD12, and since my cycles are generally close to 30-35 days, I kind of doubt I'm ovulating. We'll have sex tonight--you can never be too careful! Bobby's basketball team does have a game tonight, and there's nothing like a high school boys basketball game to get me ready to go!....wait, what?

Our coaching schedules always makes baby dancing a little tricky. We've got to settle for either a quickie after work before games, or wait til post game when we're usually drained (and let's face it, sometimes upset--neither of us are Bobby Knight, but we don't like losing. Okay, I'm way worse than him...thankfully, my team is better and doesn't lose as often!)

This is only about half a post, and I'm blogging because I'm procrastinating. I need to go put gas in my car, but it's 9* outside with a -6* windchill. I'm not exactly excited to go stand outside for 10 minutes and pump gas with -6* wind whipping me in the face. I recently learned that it's illegal to pump your own gas in some states. What is that madness? I want to move there! Pumping gas in the winter is something I seriously dread (which is why I let me tank get close to empty--a really mean thing to do for my fuel line...not to mention that I would die if I went in the ditch and couldn't run my engine. I would freeze in about 12 seconds).

Okay, time to suck it up and go fill my car. I don't have anything planned for the next few hours, so my poor fingers will have time to thaw from their frost bite.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about being grumpy after a game and not in the mood. Only with my husband and me, it would be both of us since we coach together. I had to laugh about your team being better and not losing as often. Love it!

    I am very happy to be one of those states that doesn't have to pump our own gas! We've had record breaking temps here in Oregon lately so I can feel ya on that score. We don't quite get as much snow as you, but we've been dealing with temps in the teens and single digits, as well as frozen fog and freezing rain this week. Ugh. I'm just lucky because I don't have to pump my gas!

  2. Wasn't sure where you were going with the title of this post...so glad the two things are unrelated!! ;) KinderCoaster