Monday, December 9, 2013

Wishful Thinking

Everything is covered in at least a foot of snow around here, which I guess is pretty good babymaking weather. We stayed in most of the weekend, after venturing out to go Christmas shopping on Saturday morning. We have our first of many Christmases this weekend with Bobby's dad, stepmom, and two teenage brothers on Friday, and then his stepmom's whole extended family has a Christmas party on Saturday. Since we're having a house full of guests for a long weekend, that meant deep cleaning our house and hiding all the babymaking paraphernalia.

The last things we need is for Bobby's dad and stepmom to find out we're trying. They're the first set of grandparents who starting "pushing" us for grandkids (Bobby's dad is the oldest sibling, and he's the only one who's not a grandpa--but both his brother's and sister's kids had babies while they were still in high that wasn't really a contest I wanted to win). To be fair, they really aren't pushing. They just make a lot of comments about how they'd like to be grandparents--and then are quick to add "But you guys just wait until you are ready!" Which used to be nice, but now I just want to add, "We are ready! We're just infertile!"

I'll admit, I'm not a great daughter-in-law. I purposely adjusted my schedule this week so I'd be working late when they arrive on Thursday (however, Bobby has basketball practice, so he'll be coaching and leaving me alone to entertain his family for a few hours). I'm honestly really okay with Bobby's dad and stepmom, it's his younger brothers that are rough. They're somewhere around 12 and 14 and awkward. I'm good with teenagers. I'm a coach and a coach's wife. We have the kids over to our house all the time. We help out in youth group. They love us. But Bobby's brothers are something else. Aspergers runs in that side of Bobby's family, and while neither of the boys have been diagnosed, I wouldn't be surprised if they're somewhere on the spectrum. I don't try to be a mean sister-in-law, but they are the most awkward around me. Part of me understands--they probably don't have much interaction with 20-something females, other than maybe a teacher. They've known me since they were about 6 or 7, but I don't see them very often, and I'm sure I make them uncomfortable. So, I'm preparing myself now for an awkward evening.

Okay, that's probably enough confessions for one day. I'm assuming I will ovulate sometime in the next two weeks, so we're having sex every other day until my period arrives. I was planning on doing the OPK route again this cycle, but I didn't really want to bring anymore TTC paraphernalia into the house while we have company. We're hoping to just get lucky. My period should start on Dec. 29--so I could reasonably find out I'm pregnant on New Year's Eve...the same day Bobby proposed to me four years ago. How's that for poetic?

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  1. I'm sure you are a fine daughter and sister in law! You can't help it if the brothers are awkward! Sounds like you are going to have a busy Christmas season. Good luck in ALL aspects throughout the next couple weeks!